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Special Announcement

It is with Great Sadness that we have decided to sell our premises to a very discerning new owner who will no doubt carry on the tradition to serve you all very well. Her name is Alina Bolat and she will be

taking over on the 10th November 2023.

We wish her and her colleagues well in her new venture and I feel sure that all of you wonderful customers will support

her in her new adventure in Life!

It is really a very emotional scenario for us because over the past 27 years we have made so many friends and chums and relationships with so many diverse Customers and suppliers from all over the globe and it is this that we will miss the most.

We will miss you all as people who showed us respect and a lot of love, especially for Anita’s indomitable nature and ability to listen to people. Something that is a rare quality in this ever boisterous and changing world we all share in.

Fleur De Vie has changed several times over the years and and it is Anita’s on trend studying and formidable style that has inspired

many of you over these past years.

Our Customer’s are discerning and always got the best at Fleur De Vie.

We have watched New Mum’s with their newborns developing all the way to university Students and that is uncanny and emotional to let go of all this because it was our way of life.

We loved every minute and being part of your lives was special.

We are going to miss you all and we would like to thank you all for allowing us to serve you.

We will be fully closed on the 4th November prior to handing over to the new Owners on the 10th November 2023.

God bless you all and may whoever

your God is go with you all!

That’s all Folks!