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Our Wedding Flowers are famous throughout Cheshire and

indeed beyond Cheshire. Whether for the church or the

reception our attention to detail is born from the experience of

listening to what you want, not what we want.

Why not give us a ring or email and we will send you

our brochure by post or email.

Better still why not call in and have a free consultation with us.


ONE YEAR TO GO: Compile a Scrapbook of what you would like in terms of

colours, style and the look you want to achieve.

Do this with Fabric cuttings and Pictures.

NINE MONTHS TO GO: The Wedding Dress should be ordered by now and you have to start to look seriously for a Florist. Recommendations of a Florist from your friends and family is always a good idea.

When you have decided on the Florist Book your initial Consultation and put your deposit down for your date.

Ask the Florist to confirm your booking in writing or by email.

THREE MONTHS TO GO: Finalise the Flower Order with your Florist, which we hope will be Fleur de Vie, you can always change your mind after you order.  However do keep in regular contact with your florist

or any further ideas or change of plans.

ONE MONTH TO GO: Hold a final meeting with your florist to confirm all the numbers are correct and there are no additions. This is when you settle the final Invoice. Make sure at the same time that you have all the correct addresses and times for all the deliveries that are to be made.

ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY: The Florist will normally deliver the Flowers 3 hours before the Wedding Ceremony to all the delivery addresses you would have agreed. The Florist will give you instructions of how to best preserve each arrangement, whether in water or in a cool place.

Email: weddings@fleurdevie.co.uk

“You can imitate and you can copy, but you still have to be better than fleur de vie…it is not easy to be better than fleur de vie”

you still have to be better than fleur de vie…it is not easy to be better than fleur de vie”